The North Cannon River Watershed Management Organization (NCRWMO) is a governmental unit created in 1983 through a joint powers agreement between the eight townships and 3 small cities in Dakota County that are located within in the Cannon River Watershed (see watershed map). The NCRWMO’s Board of Managers is comprised of one primary and one alternative representative from each of these eleven communities: Castle Rock Township, Douglas Township, Eureka Township, Greenvale Township, Hampton Township, Randolph Township, Sciota Township, Waterford Township, city of Miesville, city of New Trier, and the city of Randolph.

The NCRWMO covers 95,577 acres (149.3 miles), including the sub-watersheds of Chub Creek, Mud Creek, Pine Creek, Trout Book, and the Cannon River from Northfield to Lake Byllesby.

What is a Watershed Management Organization (WMO)?

In 1982, the legislature approved the Metro Surface Water Management Act, Chapter 103B of Minnesota Statues. The act requires local units of government in the seven-county metropolitan area to prepare and implement comprehensive surface water management plans through membership in a WMO.


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